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Short Film // Supernatural Dark Comedy // 2021

The Repeater


Duration: 18 min

A radio repairman hikes up a mountain to fix the repeater tower. A simple task turns into an arduous journey when he encounters a string of strange occurrences that forces him to face a painful truth.

Starring: Oliver Green

With the special collaboration of: Ricardo Garcia Prada

Writer, Director & Editor: Grete Suarez

Producer, VFX Supervisor & Editor: Alejandro Suarez Lozano

Director of Photography: Pablo Bürmann

Sound: Juan Ferro, Pablo Vega, Rodolfo Herrero

Music: Pablo Vega

Art & Costumes: Eugenia Navajo

Hair & Makeup: Beatriz Rojas

Production Assistants: Manuel Valero, Pablo Santos

Production Companies: Arce Producciones, Mad Motif

Distributor: Selected Films (contact Ismael for info)

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                       - Castilla y Leon regional section

                       - Quercus special showcase

                          - Castilla y Leon regional section

                           - Special Screening section (non-competing)

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