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Short Film // Supernatural Dark Comedy // 2021

Duration: 18 min

A radio repairman hikes up a mountain to fix the repeater tower. A simple task turns into an arduous journey when he encounters a string of strange occurrences that forces him to face a painful truth in his life.

Distributor: Selected Films (contact Ismael for info)



Short Film // Science Fiction // 2021


A teenage girl is infected with a contagious virus is admitted to a high tech hospital clinic where a nurse insists on keeping her imprisoned until full recovery.

Starring: Tania Watson & Berenice Guerrero

Writer & Director: Grete Suarez

Producer: Alejandro Suarez Lozano

Director of Photography: Pablo Bürmann

Production Company: Mad Motif


The Fisherman: Behind the Scenes

Short Documentary // 2015

Duration: 9 min

A behind the scenes look into the epic production of award-winning short film THE FISHERMAN, written and directed by Alejandro Suarez Lozano.

Mr Wong is a third generation fisherman in Hong Kong, struggling to keep this tradition alive. One night, he decides to leave the crowded waters of the harbor, and fish in calmer waters. His luck changes when he catches something that does not belong to this world.

The short documentary is produced, directed and edited by Grete Suarez for Estirpe.

Watch here.

Watch The Fisherman here.

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