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Gray Collar (formerly Virginia)

TV Pilot // SciFi courtroom // Anthology

Language: English

A New York labor attorney is forced to reassess his own discriminatory views after a woman insists on hiring him to sue her employer over workplace sexual abuse. What's unusual is the client is a Cognitive, a humanoid robot.
Meanwhile, an autoworker union is facing disruption after its members grow violent against the new line of Cognitive robots set to replace them. The two stories will converge, which one will prevail?

Series Logline:
Thirty years in the future, society is forced to determine whether Cognitive Robotic Organisms can co-exist amid rising political corruption, corporate greed, and populism.

This is Blue Collar meets Philadelphia with a touch of Detroit: Become Human.

(Video teaser is for reference only. All rights to each footage belongs to its creator.)


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