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Corporate Videos

Freelance video and field producer for corporate clients' marketing outreach.


Kheedim Oh is an accidental entrepreneur. He made his mama's kimchi which everybody agrees... it's delicious! So he decided to sell it, but how? Through the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, he came to learn about's buyer and seller platform and connected with vendors who helped his business grow.

His story is part of Alibaba's small business success campaign.

Youth is our future... so we put them to the test! Alibaba partners with Wharton School of Business to get smart minds to solve our future problems all in a day's work.


Welcome to the Business 'Hackathon'. 

What is fashion in New York? Three Fashion Institute of Technology graduates find their school projects made the pick!


They're on sale direct to millions of Chinese consumers on Alibaba's Taobao as part of Taobao's New Wave campaign.

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