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  • Grete Suarez

The Repeater will be distributed by Selected Films

Writer-Director Grete Suarez partners with Selected Films for distribution of her debut short film The Repeater.

Grete Suarez

I'm excited to announce our partnership with Selected Films for distribution of short film The Repeater. Selected Films is run by Ismael Martín who has years of experience collaborating with short film festivals all around the world.

As The Repeater moves closer to the post-production finish line, I'm really excited to see what is in stall for the film in Selected Films' capable hands.

See my profile on Selected Films and The Repeater on their catalogue for more information and promotional materials.

For more behind the scenes and updates on The Repeater - Short Film, please follow @therepeaterfilm on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Page.

Follow Grete Suarez @gretesuarez on Instagram and Twitter.


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